Sunday, 11 November 2012

Better Late Than Never!

Sorry, yougaiz (if there is anyone at all who's reading my blog, that is. :P).  I had a *real* busy week and hence the delay.

And, I was thinking, why not start off with a DIY post. Good idea, no? Yes. So, here I am, with a very easy  DIY for all you crafty and also the not-so-crafty ladies out there. Considering the festive season and the amount of dry-fruit dabbas all of you must be getting, this is going to be a cakewalk.

Things you need:

1. Pistachio shells

2. Some gold/bronze necklace chain (according to your preferred necklace length) along with the clasps.
3. Glue (I used Fevibond)
4. Cardboard (Not too thick)
5. Fabric Paint (I used pearl metallics)

And here's the how to:

~ Firstly, clean the shells and start painting them using the colors of your choice. I did two coats of each color and it was perfect. Let dry.

~ In the meantime, cut the cardboard in whichever you want the necklace to be. I chose a triangle since it's the easiest to do. Yes, I'm lazy like that. :P

Before sticking the pistachio shells to the cardboard, punch a little hole on the sides and attach the chain to both the sides.

~ Now, apply glue to the edges of the pistachio shells and on the cardboard wherever you are going to stick the shells. Let dry for a few minutes (5-7 mins) and then glue the shells to the cardboard placing them however you want.

~ Once dry, paint the area where the cardboard shows with either a contrasting color or a color of your choice and let dry again.

TADA, Your pretty Pistachio necklace is ready! That was easy to do, wasn't it? :) I made a cuff too.

Do let me know if you make it or your other ideas for using pistachio shells.

A very happy Diwali to all you guys!

Till the next post,

Much love

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hello there!

I'm Madhumitha, a foodie and a self-proclaimed fashionista. 
Am a Project Manager by profession and a weirdo by choice. 

After much contemplation, I have finally decided to do my bit & contribute to the list of a gazillion other blogs already out there.

Food & fashion. These are the two things my blog would focus on.

The variety, the textures, the colors, the tastes, the aromas and the infinite possible recipes you can come up with - food is something that i have grown to love. More and more as I have grown older and so much so that I don't even feel awkward about eating alone (this is an achievement considering I used to skip meals even when i was extremely hungry, 'cause i hated eating alone. It made me feel like a loner. :| :P)

And, so is fashion. Putting together an outfit, working out color combos and bringing them to life, a pair of new shoes that fit perfectly, a bag big enough to store all the 'essential' junk, oh the joy! 

But my posts wouldn't be only about these. 'cause that would be boring, right? Right. So, time and again I will post about bits and pieces of my life and other things that interest me.

Until I come back to you with a *real* post,

Much love.


PS - I'm an eggitarian.
PPS - I'm no food critic or fashion diva. They are just two things that I *really* love.