Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hello there!

I'm Madhumitha, a foodie and a self-proclaimed fashionista. 
Am a Project Manager by profession and a weirdo by choice. 

After much contemplation, I have finally decided to do my bit & contribute to the list of a gazillion other blogs already out there.

Food & fashion. These are the two things my blog would focus on.

The variety, the textures, the colors, the tastes, the aromas and the infinite possible recipes you can come up with - food is something that i have grown to love. More and more as I have grown older and so much so that I don't even feel awkward about eating alone (this is an achievement considering I used to skip meals even when i was extremely hungry, 'cause i hated eating alone. It made me feel like a loner. :| :P)

And, so is fashion. Putting together an outfit, working out color combos and bringing them to life, a pair of new shoes that fit perfectly, a bag big enough to store all the 'essential' junk, oh the joy! 

But my posts wouldn't be only about these. 'cause that would be boring, right? Right. So, time and again I will post about bits and pieces of my life and other things that interest me.

Until I come back to you with a *real* post,

Much love.


PS - I'm an eggitarian.
PPS - I'm no food critic or fashion diva. They are just two things that I *really* love.

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  1. Dear "eggitarian" (lacto-ovo-vegetarian) foodie. I came to your blog from your twitter profile. Please consider going vegan for the sake of other people, the environment, your health and the animals. If you consider it, you'd find many resources in India (and Chennai) to help you.