Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bling it on, baby!

Of late, my obsession with jewelry/accessories has been reaching new heights. I have been ordering stuff online and buying stuff from the local markets left, right and center (now you know why I'm bankrupt just as soon as i receive my pay. :P).

So, here I am doing my bit for the society, by enlightening all you girls out there with places/websites that I buy stuff from. :D

My most favorite website for picking up jewelry from is Juvalia. Their collection is colorful, pretty and perfect for everyday use and so is the pricing. Totally worth every buck you spend. Oh, and their packaging is SO neat. 

L to R: Turquoise Feather Necklace, Ice Berg Necklace & Tribal Earrings

Flamenco Necklace, Festive Collection

My second favorite site to buy jewelry/accessories from is FabAlley. They have a fabulous collection of jewelry, bags & shoes, belts, scarves, stoles, stockings and even have a clothing line now. The stuff on this site is quirky and stylish and bang on trend. 

The next is Pipa Bella. Their collection is exquisite. Such beautiful pieces. The rates are slightly on the higher end, but the jewelry is just so pretty that you would not mind a lighter wallet at the end of the day.

Apart from these favorites, i love looking for stuff from Urban Touch, Paperlillie and Craftsvilla (a recent discovery) among many others. 

Other places where i love picking up jewelry from includes the platform shops in Pondy Bazaar, Chennai (tip: check the shop outside Adyar Anandha Bhavan. Some real pretty stuff), all those pretty little silver stores in Spencer Plaza, Chennai, Sarojini Nagar Market & markets around CP in Delhi. These places are jewelry/accessory havens. Do check them out if you are nearby. 

From Shankar Market, Sarojini Market, Delhi  and Pondy Bazaar, Chennai

From Pondy Bazaar, Chennai
From Pondy Bazaar, Chennai

Apart from these, my favoritest place to pick stuff from is mum's collection through the years. :D

Happy shopping, ladies. And go, surprise your girlfriends/wives, boys! 
You are more than welcome to thank me by sending Rainbow Cakes/Red Velvet Cuppies. ;)

Until next time,
Much love,

PS: All of these sites are India based and offer COD. A good thing for finicky people like me who aren't comfortable using cards online. 
PPS: I was featured in a post on online sites for shopping on Strut120 recently (here). Do have a look to know the favorite sites of other bloggers. Also, Strut120 is awesome and is the place to be for the latest in Fashion and Lifestyle. 
PPPS: This is not a sponsored post (duh. no one even reads this blog, I'm sure. :P)    


  1. Hello M,
    Cheer up on the "no one reads my blog" note.
    I'm a new reader here *waves*. Thumbs up for your simple recipes, creative DIY n this map to bling.
    Keep blogging. Rock on \m/

    1. D'aww. This is exactly the kind of motivation I need. Thank you so much. :D
      Really hope to blog more starting this year. :)

  2. I used to often wonder whether you picked up some of your fabulous accessories online. Makes life easier for people like me who don't like to dawdle through markets!

    Thank you for the links and my, I love that mush pendant!

    You should write more often I say. Even if it means posting your Insta pictures :)

    1. Priyam! So good to see you here. :)
      Thanks much. Still too new to blogging and yet to figure out how exactly it works. But yes, hoping to write more and not just re-post IG pictures in here. :D

  3. I love faballey and strut120 though had never heard of the rest...browsing through them right now! :D
    Added you to my blogroll so now you can say I read your blog! ;)

    1. Haha. I hope you found some pretty stuff. :D
      Thank you so much, Shreya! :)

  4. Hey M!! I really like Juvalia too but I haven't shopped from either of these sites yet. Haven't bought jewellery online yet so I really want to try Juvalia and Pipa & Bella. COD works fine for me too, as I am very finicky about using my debit cards online as well. :-D

  5. I LOOOOVE the leopard-leather ballet flats... How much?

  6. Ro! Thanks. Do try and let me know what you get! :-D
    Those shoes were on sale when i got them. 950 bucks. :-D