Saturday, 22 December 2012

Paati cool!

Yougaiz, say hello to my insanely cool paati. :D

She is one of the strongest women I have ever met and the most fun person too. 
*every* visit  to her house begins with her asking what I wanna eat, no matter what time I go and ends with a 'take this home for amma/appa/bro' or something of that sort.

At almost 80, she still manages the house including taking care of a now bed-ridden thatha, sending over food when amma isn't well, sending coffee for bro when he gets back from college and what not! And in between all these chores, she takes out the time to make fun of us cousins when we pout for pictures, learns English from us, tries and reads advertisements in English papers, makes litres of  coffee for us, makes the best dosai and sambar for us, makes extremely funny jokes, watches cookery shows AND Fashion TV with us. :D
This woman is so full of life all the time and if I'm even 20% as active as her when I'm that old, I would call myself perfect. :)

Here are some extremely cute pictures of her from a photoshoot we forced her into recently.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. <3


And this is the my most favorite. Check out the pout, baby! Hahaha. :D

How can one not love so much cuteness? Sigh. <3
Hope you are all having a good weekend. :)

Much love,


  1. For a start, she looks younger. Like I indicated earlier, she looks very charming and pretty. And, am sure if you continue following a decent diet and involving a lot of excercises and yoga despite your stressful life, you could be like her when you turn 80. And ya, the world will not come to an end for sure.