Saturday, 19 January 2013


People are getting married left, right and centre and that means lots of good food and SHOPPING. :D

As much as I love to splurge, I know I wouldn't wear all the bling very often after the wedding season's over. And that's when the Budget-Shopping-Princess in me wakes up. 

So a trip to a nearby accessory store was made with mummy dearest and here are some pictures of few of the things I picked. 

All these and some more pairs of earrings (15, to be precise) and some necklaces for a total of INR 1500 only. 

Happy Wallet = A Happy Mum & A Happy Me. :D

What are your picks this season? 

Much love


  1. looks like you should also make a quick visit to the fancy jewellery (also called costume jewellery) mart at Parrys corner....there are a couple of shops right beside flower bazar police station where you could buy more goodie stuff for great bargains.
    p.s. i used to buy stuff there to pass on to all my girlfriends at college - cos you never when they would break up with one and this way you look both classy with gifts of jewelery and are not driven bankrupt

  2. Loving all the jewelry especially the bangles!! You really got a great bargain!!


  3. Love the first set of bangles and the last dangles! I have 3 family weddings coming up April onwards and started making myself a few customised things!Can't wait to wear them soon!

  4. These r gorgeous!! so lovely!!
    Where did u buy these from for so cheap??!! I have a wedding soon and I need to shop so many of these too!

  5. Beautiful pics! Would love to see you all dressed up and accessorizing with these :D

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